The 18 Martyrs of Musa Dagh

The following eighteen men are the martyrs of Musa Dagh. They lost their lives in 1915 during the bloody battle of Musa Dagh. Their toombs are on the Mountain of Musa (Samandagh today) near the monument dedicated to them. Lately, that monument and the small cemetary on the mountain have been destroyed by the Turkish government, part of a plan to change the history and make the world forget the atrocities they committed against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire from 1896 to 1923.

Today, there are three monuments dedicated to these heroic men and the battle of Musa Dagh. One of the monuments is in Armenia, the other in Cambridge, Canada, and the last one, built in 1996, stands in Anjar, Lebanon.

The tombs of the martyrs on Samandagh. Pictured in 1920

The Tombs of the Martyrs on Samandagh
Pictured in 1920

The Martyrs

  • Hagop Karageozian 1880-1915
  • Hovhannes Koojanian 1874-1915
  • Hovhannes Loorchian 1891-1915
  • Sarkis Shannakian 1880-1915
  • Samuel Boyajian 1874-1915
  • Habet Vanayan 1889-1915
  • Bedros Havatian 1882-1915
  • Abraham Seklemian 1898-1915
  • Grigor Kebourian 1854-1915
  • Grigor Nekroorian 1875-1915
  • Jabra Kheyoyan 1887-1915
  • Samuel Markarian 1891-1915
  • Missak Bayramian 1897-1915
  • Baghdassar Mardikian 1886-1915
  • Hampartsoum Khoshian 1874-1915
  • Boghos Andekian 1894-1915
  • Hagop Havatian 1885-1915
  • Bedros Penenian 1855-1915