Zoulal Kazandjian

He was born in 1936 in Yoghun Oluk, Musa Dagh.

After the deportation of the Musa Daghians, he has been with his parents in Anjar and Aleppo, Syria. In 1949, he leaves Aleppo for Venice, Italy, where he receives his education from the Mkhitarian monastic compound on the island of St. Lazarus..

Zoulal Kazandjian has followed his father's footsteps, who was the first person to publish a magazine (Gogon) in Musa Dagh.

In 1954 he returns to Aleppo and works as a teacher in the Armenian Schools of the region. He has also taught in the Mekhitarian School of Aleppo, and Samuel Mouradian School of Sevre, France.

Zoulal Kazandjian has worked with numerous Armenian papers, such as "Harach", and "Pakin". Lately he has caught the attention of Armenia's "Karoun" monthly.

Roupen Kazandjian is his pen name and his work includes the following collections of poems:

Zoulal Kazandjian has also been the editor of "Kragan Tsolker", a publication for the students of Mekhitarian Monastery on the island of St. Lazarus in Venice, Italy.

During the last decade of his life, Zoulal lived in his homeland, Armenia, where he spent most of his time writing and editing Armenian books and publications, including an Italian-Armenian dictionary.

Zoulal passed away in Nice, France, on February 24, 2009.